Mount Dora Location
2850 SR 46

Updated 02/17/18

     Monday & Tuesday:      CLOSED 
    Wed/Thur/Friday:      11am-6:00pm
    Saturday & Sunday:      9am-4pm
Closed Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, & 4th of July

 NO CHECKS ACCEPTED FROM NEW CLIENTS UNLESS PRE-APPROVED. No checks accepted if you have had returned checks previously! $30 FEE ON ALL RETURNED CHECKS. THIS IS OUR COST!


 Delivery Available @ $3.50 per mile (minimum $20 fee) THIS IS OUR COST
Contact Us at 407.702.8811
By the trailer or by the bale, call Hay Baby!
Call Trey: (407) 607-9325
   Domestic Square bales & now shavings $.25 off for purchase of 10 of same item *Discounts for Pick-up only!

    Rolls(Coastal/Tifton 54"): SOLD OUT
    Rolls (Peanut 56" 850lb for Cow/Goat): $60.00
    Coastal Squares: $8.00
    Squares Tifton 44(59lbs): $8.00                                   Perennial Peanut (48lbs): $15.75
 All Northern hays $1 off any 3 tie, and $.50 off any 2 tie for purchase of 10 of the same item 
*Discounts for Pick-up Only!
    Alfalfa 3tie(Western 105lb): $32.50                             Alfalfa Block (1030lbs avg): $188.00
    Alfalfa Half Block (Western 509lb): $105.00
    Orchard 3tie 2nd cut (Western xxlb): SOLD OUT
    Orchard 2tie Canadian: $17.75
    O/A 3tie (Western 102lb): $36.00
    O/A 2tie (Midwestern): $15.50
    O/A 2tie (Midwest 10% Alf 52lbs): $18.75
    O/A Blocks (****lb Wstrn): Sold Out
    Timothy 3tie (Western 1st cut 99lb): $38.50
    Timothy 3tie ( Western 2nd cut 102lb): $35.75
    TA 3tie (Western 2nd cut): $37.50
    TA 2tie (Canadian 1st cut): $16.00
    T/A 2tie (Canadian 2nd cut): $17.00
----------------------------------------------------------------- Luznars No Filler Feeds.
Better Ingredients, Less Waste!
    12/6 High Oat Plus (All Stock - Sheep): $14.00
    10/3 All Grain All Stock: $12.00
    Shavings: $5.14/10+$4.88 ($5.50/5.25 after tax)

*Weights are an approx. average.